Patient Name

Thank You Sunil. I don't have words to express my gratitude. Ma is very impressed by your treatment. Thank you once again.

Tithi Bhattacharjee

On my discharging I was so excited to go home and I totally forgotten to thank you. So I want to give you a lot of thanks as only for you I again recovered and eating normal diet. Hope in future more people will be beneifited by you.

Nasiha Sultan

I am father of your patient Nasiha Sultan and Dr. Pradip's friend. Tahnk you sir for your proper instruction in real tiem and I followed your instruction properly and admitted the patient on that very day (Wednesday) in MEDI CITI Nursing home, Ekbalpur Kolkata and after diagnosis through USG acute appendicitis operation done one that day at 8:30 pm by open surgery, because patient is unamrried. Whatever I have to admit that. But I am also grateful to almighty ALLAH for saving my daughter through your proper instruction and cooperation. I admire your sincerity and co operative mind. Thank you sir.

সম্রাট সরকার এর শশু

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